Do you have a shopping addiction? Don’t worry just yet because many of us do and there is help. Compulsive buying is especially a prevalent practice among women, but you do have some men that love to shop as well. If you see that adorable pair of shoes or that body clinging dress that you just cannot pass by and you just have to have it, you may have a shopping addiction. It is even worse, when your closet is filled with clothes that you have never worn in a year and they still have the tags on them. In that case, you are seriously addicted to clothes.

We all have good intentions when it comes to managing our money, but without a good organization tool, it’s easy for even the smartest and most disciplined to get lost. The good news is that other people know the struggle, and some of them are nifty enough with technology that they’ve been able to make some pretty great tools to help the rest of us. Here are five you need in your life today.

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